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Buy Or Hire Cobots?

Buy Or Hire Cobots?

Buy Or Hire Cobots?

When it comes to incorporating automation into your business, one of the key decisions you'll face is whether to buy or hire cobots, also known as collaborative robots. Cobots are designed to work alongside humans, enhancing productivity and efficiency in various industries.

So, should you invest in purchasing cobots or opt for a rental agreement? Let's explore the factors to consider.

1. Cost

Buying cobots requires a significant upfront investment. You'll need to consider the cost of the robot itself, any additional equipment, and the necessary training for your staff. On the other hand, renting cobots allows you to spread out the cost over time and avoid a large initial expense.

2. Flexibility

Renting cobots provides greater flexibility, especially if you have changing production needs or short-term projects. You can easily adjust the number of cobots or switch to different models as required. Buying cobots, on the other hand, offers long-term stability and the ability to customize the robots to fit your specific needs.

3. Maintenance and Support

When you purchase cobots, you are responsible for their maintenance and repairs. This includes software updates, replacing worn-out parts, and troubleshooting any issues that arise. On the other hand, when you rent cobots, the rental company typically handles maintenance and support, ensuring that the robots are always in optimal condition.

4. Scalability

If your business is experiencing rapid growth, renting cobots allows you to quickly scale your operations by adding more robots. This agility can be beneficial when handling increased demands. However, if your business has a stable production volume, purchasing cobots might be a more cost-effective long-term solution.

5. Return on Investment (ROI)

Evaluating the return on investment is crucial when deciding whether to buy or hire cobots. Consider factors such as increased productivity, reduced labor costs, and improved product quality. Calculate how long it will take to recoup the initial investment and compare it with the rental costs over the same period.

6. Training and Expertise

Implementing cobots into your workforce requires training your employees on how to operate and work collaboratively with the robots. If you choose to buy cobots, you'll need to invest in training programs or hire experts to ensure your staff is proficient in operating the robots safely and efficiently. Renting cobots often comes with training and support from the rental company, making it easier for your employees to adapt to the new technology.

7. Time to Implementation

Another aspect to consider is the time it takes to implement cobots into your operations. Renting cobots allows for a quicker setup as the rental company can provide ready-to-use robots that are already configured for specific tasks. Buying cobots may involve longer lead times, as customization, integration, and installation processes can take time.

8. Industry and Market Trends

Stay up-to-date with the latest industry and market trends regarding cobots. Research advancements in cobot technology and assess how it aligns with your business goals. This knowledge will help you make an informed decision on whether buying or renting cobots is the right choice for your business.

9. Long-term Goals

Consider your long-term goals when deciding whether to buy or hire cobots. If you have a short-term project or a specific task that requires automation, renting cobots might be the ideal choice. However, if you plan to incorporate cobots as a permanent part of your operations, buying cobots can provide greater control and customization options.

10. Risk Assessment

Assess the risk associated with your business and the tasks that cobots will perform. If there is a high risk of damage or if the tasks are highly specialized, purchasing cobots allows you to have complete control over the equipment and ensure it meets all safety requirements. On the other hand, if the tasks are less risky and more generic, renting cobots can be a more cost-effective option.


Whether you choose to buy or hire cobots, incorporating these collaborative robots into your operations can revolutionize your business, boosting efficiency, productivity, and overall success. Consider the cost, flexibility, maintenance, scalability, ROI, training, implementation time, industry trends, long-term goals, and risk assessment when making your decision. Assess your specific business needs, financial situation, and long-term goals to make the best choice for your organization.

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