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Assist for Autism and Special Needs

Nao is an interactive robot that can serve as a bridge between the human and technological realms. With his highly predictable and reproducible behaviour, he can alleviate anxiety and provide teachers with a reliable, nonjudgmental resource.

Assist For Autism
The Assist for Autism and Special Needs interface provides instructors with a single interface to control Nao and configure his available activities. Using a web browser on a computer, laptop, iPad, or any other device that supports JavaScript, Nao can be managed and activities can be configured and initiated to create a unique, student-specific experience.

Assist for Autism and Special Needs provides a variety of enjoyable and instructive activities. These activities can aid in the instruction of social and communication skills by positively stimulating students and providing them with positive feedback via Nao the robot. You can even contribute your own stories, cardsets and songs to meet your student's requirements via the Robot Content Manager.

Recognition of Emotions
Encourage your students to increase their emotional recognition through the use of activities that help them comprehend empathy. In How do i Feel, Nao will tell a story and halt periodically to inquire about a character's emotions.

Sensory Stories
Students can participate in the world of a sensory narrative by engaging in sensory experiences such as touching fur, walking on grass, or putting their hands in water.

Collaborative  Working
Enhance collaborative work through the use of group-playable applications! In colour hunter, the robot will ask the students for assistance in locating coloured artefacts throughout the room in order to restore his colours.

Body Awareness
Play body awareness-enhancing applications, such as touch my cranium, for the students. In this game, Nao will request that the student contact a part of his body, such as "Touch my left hand.

Customisable Content
The Assist application suite includes entirely customizable stories, card sets, songs, and sensory stories to provide your students with limitless possibilities and variations.

Plus a Great deal more
The Assist programme includes over twenty distinct applications; please contact us for more information.