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Bespoke Software For Pepper

How will you ensure that your clients are engaged in today's information economy, with readily available access to technology and a culture of on-demand service?

The development of social robotics is altering how businesses engage with, support, and retain consumers. By employing cutting-edge, interactive technology bundled in an approachable manner, businesses are developing new methods to:

  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Increase the number of new customers
  • Enhance client retention

Pepper can welcome your customers and assist them in the early phases of their journey through your products and services by providing a unique experience. Guide them based on their requests or aspirations. Connected to your CRM, sales tools, or pre-programmed with pertinent information, your robot can provide basic and complex information to assist directly and can even contact staff when necessary. Using interactive animations and demonstrations, Pepper will entertain your customers, enlighten them and optimise the performance of your staff.

With integration into your existing business management systems, Pepper can provide not only a new way for customers to learn about you and your products, but also an enjoyable and intuitive method for you to collect their feedback.

We at believe that the content your robots present is crucial to their success in your business. With content that is readily managed and provided by your robots, you can create an experience that will entice customers to return to you repeatedly.

With our extensive knowledge of the retail, banking, hospitality, healthcare, and many other industries, we can provide you with a comprehensive suite of services to maximise the potential of your robotics. From business social robotics consulting to the definition of use cases and requirements to a complete development service for Pepper and Nao. We are here to assist you maximise your robotics platform of choice.