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Content Management System For NAO Robot

The Robot Content Manager offers a user-friendly solution for Nao users to create and manage the material utilised on their robots. It is well acknowledged that the quality and relevance of information play a pivotal role in effective communication with both customers and colleagues. However, the question arises as to how one can guarantee the currency and appropriateness of the content shown on Nao, with respect to the intended audience. In the conventional approach, modifying the material on a robot necessitates the involvement of a development team and incurs expenses related to the redevelopment of the programme. The Robot Content Manager facilitates the seamless creation and modification of content, which can afterwards be transmitted to the robot for playback purposes.

The Robot Content Manager facilitates the compatibility of Nao and Pepper robots, enabling the seamless sharing of content between them. The user-friendly editor interface facilitates the creation and specification of content by those without programming expertise, utilising visual elements such as photographs, videos, and mp3 files. With the availability of synchronising modules and readily accessible standard players.

The integration of the Robot Content Manager is a fundamental component within our comprehensive suite of products. The programme titled "Assist for Autism and Special Needs" offers a range of educational resources including customised stories, card games, and dances/songs. Within our comprehensive care solution range, individuals have the opportunity to engage in various activities such as composing poems, crafting stories, designing exercise routines, and participating in memory-enhancing activities. Additionally, our solution allows for the creation of personalised content specifically suited to meet the unique needs and preferences of each resident and patient.

The Robot Content Manager is equipped with pre-existing readers designed for Pepper and Nao robots. However, it is acknowledged that it may not be possible to fulfil all of your specific requirements. In order to meet the requirement of creating tailored readers for your material, we offer a collection of choregraphe boxes and accompanying APIs that enable your developers to integrate your content into your application. In an alternative approach, we can collaborate with you to cultivate players according to your specific needs and preferences.

The topic of interest pertains to the specifications and criteria that must be met in the design and development of robots.
The RCM system provides support for Nao robots with NaoQi version 2.1.4 and above, as well as Pepper robots with NaoQi version 2.5.5 and higher. To obtain further information regarding alternative platforms, we kindly advise reaching out to our affiliated partner, Luca Robotics. The robot necessitates the installation of the subsequent applications:

The RCM Synchronisation module is a component that facilitates the coordination and alignment of many systems within a larger system or network.
The synchronisation module establishes communication with the content management system (CMS) and facilitates the transfer of content from the central robot configuration management (RCM) system to the robot's local storage.

The RCM Player Application is a software programme developed by the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) that allows users to access and play a wide range of musical repertoire
The RCM player application serves as the graphical user interface for the user-generated content during its playback on the robot. The standard player application is included with the subscription to the RCM service. However, if there are certain additional needs, customised players can be created upon request.

Optional Custom Player Applications
A collection of Choregraphe boxes and accompanying files are provided to facilitate the creation of customised players by your team of developers.