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Content Management System For Pepper Robot

Pepper users may easily create and manage the material that is utilised on their robots with the Robot material Manager. We all know that content is king when it comes to connecting with clients and even coworkers, but how can you make sure that the content you post on Pepper is relevant to your audience and current? Usually, updating the content on your robot requires hiring a development team and incurs additional expenses for rewriting your application.

This is addressed by the Robot Content Manager, which makes it simple to develop and update content and send it to your robot so it may be played.  

Content sharing between the robots is made possible through the Robot Content Manager, which works with both Pepper and Nao. Non-developers can define and produce content utilising mp3, video, and graphic content thanks to the user-friendly editor interface. equipped with ready-to-use standard players and synchronisation modules.

Our line of products includes integrations with the Robot Content Manager. With personalised storytelling, card games, dances/songs, and assistance for autism and special needs. You can develop poetry, stories, fitness regimes, memory games, and material specifically for each resident or patient with our spectrum of care solutions.

The Robot Content Manager comes with standard readers for both Pepper and Nao; nevertheless, we acknowledge that we are unable to accommodate all of your needs. We have a set of choregraphe boxes and related APIs to meet the need for your developers to create bespoke readers for your material so they can integrate it into your application. As an alternative, we can collaborate with you to create players that meet your needs. 

Robot Specifications
Both Nao (NaoQi version 2.1.4 and above) and Pepper (NaoQi version 2.5.5 and above) are supported by the RCM system. Please get in touch with our partner Luca Robotics for any other platforms. The following applications must be installed on your robot:

RCM Module for Synchronisation
The synchronisation module replicates content from the central RCM system to the robot's local storage by establishing communication with the CMS.

RCM Player Software
When your content is played on the robot, the RCM player application serves as the user interface. As part of your RCM service subscription, you can access the basic player application; however, custom players can be created if you have specific needs.

Applications for Custom Players (Optional)
What's supplied is a set of Choregraphe boxes and associated files so that your development staff can create bespoke players.

Get in touch with us to learn how the Robot material Manager may help you produce better material more quickly.