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Content Management System For Temi Robot

The Robot Content Manager enables Temi users to easily create and manage the content used on their robots. How do you ensure that your Temi content is current and appropriate for your audience? Traditionally, modifying the content of your automaton necessitates a team of developers and the associated costs of redeveloping the application. The Robot Content Manager solves this problem by allowing content to be readily created and updated before being sent to your robot for playback.

The Robot Content Manager is compatible with all versions of Temi, allowing robots to share content. The intuitive interface of the editor enables non-developers to construct and define content using image, video, and mp3 files. With pre-packaged synchronisation modules and standard players.

Our solutions include the Robot Content Manager. Customised stories, card activities, and dances/songs are available through Assist for Autism and Special Needs. In our range of care solutions, you can create poems, stories, exercise routines, and memory activities for individual residents and patients, as well as content that is tailored to their needs.

The Robot Content Manager is equipped with standard Temi readers, but we recognise that we cannot meet all of your needs. To address the need to develop custom readers for your content, we provide a set of choreographe boxes and APIs to enable your developers to integrate your content into your application. Alternately, we can collaborate with you to develop players according to your specifications.