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Delivery Robot (Pro) For Sale

The next generation ai delivery robot (pro).with a 14 inch screen brings an immersive and interactive experience.

A new SLAM algorithm bringig increased efficiency with unique 240-Degree 3D all-around recognition of obstacles & Depth Camera, perfect ground perception positioning, and navigation enables it to adapt to more scenarios.

Immersively Human-robot Interaction

See clearly, 14-inch ultra-large 1080P full HD display.
See widely, due to 92% improvement in the viewable area.
See newly, redesigned high-tech UI.
Precise and Rapid Voice Interaction

Powerful AI voice capability, 6 Mic array, works smoothly even in environmental noises of 75dB.
AI voice recognition accuracy of up to 97%.

All-round and more accurate environmental perception capabilities achieve higher delivery efficiency

Rapid and precise response when encountering tiny obstacles

See Clearly
Walk Steadily

High passability due to the quasi-circular chassis design. It fits various complicated ground environments, since adopting the Torsion Bar Suspension for the first time.
50% improved loading capacity

The single-layer loading capacity of up to 15 Kg.
Adjustable layer set supports up to 4.
The trays can be disassembled and modified for higher carrying capacity, making it suitable for other heavy-duty usage.


Large Capacity Fast Charging

The working time is up to 16 hours on a single charge.
Get back to work quickly: within 4 hours the robot is fully charged.
Charging is supported through both cable charging and automatic charging dock.
Dynamic and Realtime Promotion
Broadcasting various ads, eye-catching videos and pictures to attract guests' attention.
More Real, Lively and Active Attract Customer's Attention
LuckiBot Pro has full-perception and dynamic recognition capabilities, which can identify visitors in advance and take the initiative to welcome guests.
Where You Go, Tell Me and Follow Me
Wherever you want to go, LuckiBot Pro will take you there. Intelligently recognize voice commands, and can independently plan the optimal path, autonomously and intelligently lead.
Highly Customizable Robot Platform

Based on a modular design, universal data and power interfaces are supported, enabling developers to fully customize.
Android Development Supported

The OrionStar RobotOS platform supports strong software development capabilities with an SDK containing hundreds of API interfaces, allowing your robot to unleash its limitless potential for applications.