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Delivery Robot (Standard) For Sale

This is an efficient delivery robot and improves customer psychological safety, perceived value, and hospitality service quality. Customers will appreciate it's hygienic delivery capabilities.

It's excellent 3D depth detection reduces the risk that the robot will enter a restricted area by mistake. It can rapidly scan the surrounding environment and return the sensing signal with zero delay, allowing it to safely avoid obstacles, travel steadily, and navigate accurately.

Dual SLAM solution allows LuckiBot to recognize locations markers so it does not get lost at night. It automatically corrects its walking route to avoid deviation from navigation.

When multiple delivery robots are working in the same restaurant, they can autonomously avoid each other without human intervention by following the priority of the robot number and traveling intelligently.

Microphone and Speaker

6-microphone ring array, 360° coverage, 5m effective, accurate pickup, clear and sweet tone.

Wide-open Large Tray

Single-tray area:0.2㎡
Total capacity:40kg
Easy to take and place:360°

Color-changing Indicator Tape

Charging: green
Fully charged: blue
Working: blue
Fault: red
Stop: blue
Abrupt stop: red
Turning: flashing
Each status is clearly indicated

Solid and Stable Chassis

Equipped with radar sensing system, with strong performance, balanced movement, and inertial navigation.

Delivery Mode – Stable and Accurate

The delivery mode can provide stable service at both fast and slow speed, and may be paused by touching the screen. The destination can be changed and the meal can be picked up during the delivery. The robot can broadcast advertisements during the delivery all the time.

Greeting Mode – Diversified Promotion

AI Delivery Robot has many ways to attract customers. It can greet customers in a fixed poiont, or move around to attract customers. It will display advertisements and recommend signature dishes when customers come closer. In short, there is no need to worry about attracting customers.

Guidance Mode – Leading Customers to Target Tables

AI Delivery Robot can be triggered by touching the screen, then it can directly lead the customer to the target table with background music.

Cruise Mode - Accessible to Anywhere

Snacks and trays can be distributed or collected at each point setted up in the route. At the same time, it can also attract customers by displaying advertisements.


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