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Magician Lite Robot

Magician Lite Robot

The Magician Lite is a lightweight, multifunctional, intelligent robotic limb designed for K-12 education. Students can maximise their creative freedom by interacting with the Magician Lite via software, hardware, and expansion interfaces. Through building and playing, they can learn how AI and robotics function. They will also be introduced to the field of robotics and the practical applications of robots.

Excellent Performance

The Magician Lite has a repeatability of 0.2 mm, a maximum payload of 0.25 kg, and a maximum reach of 340 mm, and it is compatible with a wide range of end effectors, including a flexible gripper, suction cup, and pen grasper. It is equipped with collision detection to protect young learners and operators.

Extensible with a Magic Box

The Magic Box is the external programming control device for the Magician Lite. It features 12 communication interfaces, Bluetooth, and compatibility with a variety of accessories.

Visual Programming

The DobotLab software platform provides a variety of robot programming techniques. The Magician Lite features an intuitive graphical user interface that enables block programming to enable AI capabilities with minimal effort.

Curriculum regarding robotics

Different levels of comprehensive robotics courses are available for students to learn chapter by chapter. Introduce programming and robotics to young students to aid in their future success.

Bright Accoutrements

The introduction of optional drawing, industrial 4.0, AI vision, and sensor packages opens the door to increased creativity.


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