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Meet & Greet Robot For Hire

These innovative robotic hosts are designed to revolutionize the way attendees are welcomed and engaged at events, creating memorable first impressions and lasting interactions. Discover how you can enhance your events by renting our Meet and Greet Robots.

Why Choose Our Meet and Greet Robots?

  • First Impressions Matter: Our robots are designed to make a lasting impression on event attendees by providing a unique and memorable welcome experience.

  • Efficiency and Consistency: With our robots, you can ensure a consistent and efficient meet and greet process, freeing up your staff to focus on other event tasks.

  • Interactive Engagement: Our robots can engage attendees in interactive conversations, provide event information, answer questions, and even offer entertainment, making the event experience more enjoyable.


  1. Warm Welcome: Start your event on the right foot by having our Meet and Greet Robots welcome attendees with personalized greetings and event information.

  2. Event Information Hub: Transform our robots into interactive information hubs, providing attendees with schedules, maps, and essential event details.

  3. Interactive Entertainment: Add an element of entertainment to your event by programming our robots to tell jokes, provide trivia, or host interactive games to engage attendees.

  4. Exhibition Assistance: Enhance your exhibition by using our robots to guide attendees to different booths or areas of interest, helping them explore the event efficiently.

  5. Corporate Networking: Use our Meet and Greet Robots to facilitate networking sessions, helping attendees connect with one another and break the ice.

Why Rent from Us?

  • Expert Support: Our dedicated team of experts is here to ensure the seamless operation of our Meet and Greet Robots throughout your event, from setup to on-site assistance.

  • User-Friendly: Operating our robots is straightforward and user-friendly, requiring no technical expertise. We provide training and support to make your rental experience hassle-free.

  • Flexible Rental Options: We offer flexible rental packages tailored to your event's duration, scale, and budget. Contact us for a personalized quote.


Contact Us

Ready to elevate your conferences, exhibitions, and corporate events with Meet and Greet Robot Rentals? Contact us today to discuss your specific event requirements and receive a personalized quote. Our team is eager to help you create memorable and engaging event experiences.

Don't miss the opportunity to make a remarkable first impression and engage your event attendees in a whole new way. Rent our Meet and Greet Robots today and redefine event hospitality.

This meet and greet robot is a master is the perfect out of the box solution for meet and greet as well as performing receptionist duties.. The powerful voice function and large interactive screen are perfect for a variety of reception needs, and the smaller body is more flexible to cover a greater range of scenarios. It provides customers an unparalleled service experience.

Powerful Interactive Capabilities
Specially developed voice and visual capabilities guarantee a first-class interactive experience. It detects the presence of people and takes the initiative to greet and interact with them.
Reliable Passability
With a minimum channel chassis diameter of 55cm, it is guaranteed to operate flexibly in small spaces.

Multi-Robot Cooperation
When the paths of more than one robot intersect, intelligent priority numbering allows them to avoid collision without the need for human intervention.

Large 14-Inch HD Screen
Setting it apart from other robots is it's impressive 14-inch screen, which is better equipped to display more information at a single time. Ultra-high-definition resolution makes the picture on the screen clearer and more attractive. Unparalleled performance.

6-Mic Circular Array
The advanced microphone array (6MIC) is located in the center of the head, and the speech recognition accuracy of GreetingBot Mini is greater than 97% even in a noisy environment of 75dB. The robot also identifies the position of the speaker and interacts face-to-face thanks to the flexible rotation of the head.

The world‘s first robot developed on the Qualcomm platform with one of the most powerful SOC chips in Android and industry-leading performance.

Hi-Fi Subwoofer
Shocking Sound Experience
Created specially by ORION STAR professional sound team, the robot comes equipped with 30W super power and 5 independent sound modules. The effect is comparable to that of a home theater, with transparent treble, loud midrange, and surging bass.

Advanced GreetingBot Mini Chassis
Perfect for Small Spaces
An exclusive mobile chassis and a combination of lidar and depth camera for accurate route navigation and smart close-following capabilities.

Self-charging, Cycle Service
Low Battery Recharge
When power drops below 10%, the robot automatically returns to the charger.Non-stop work, 24/7.

Promotion Mode
The robot can greet at a fixed point or move around to attract customers. It displays advertisements when customers approach. It's powerful voice interaction function and rotatable body ensures that it is able to carry out face-to-face conversations with customers, which leads to a better experience.

Leading Mode
GreetingBot Mini is small and navigates with ease. The minimum channel diameter of the chassis is 55cm, which is perfect for all kinds of small spaces. It can also flexibly avoid obstacles and is safe and reliable. Its powerful ease of navigation makes it possible to lead customers to the target position with background music.