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MG400 Collaborative Robot

The MG400 is an incredibly small stationary robotic arm with a footprint smaller than an A4 sheet of paper. It is safe for human collaboration, simple to use, and fast to deploy, which makes it ideal for automating small batch flexible productions. With a maximum payload of 750 g, a maximum reach of 440 mm, and features such as drag-to-teach and collision detection, the MG400 is a cost-effective solution for intelligent automation tasks.

The MG400's all-in-one design allows it to slot easily into a 190 mm x 190 mm space. It is extremely portable and ideal for production flexibility.

The MG400 features a servo motor with a high-precision encoder, a proprietary drive, and a controller to attain repeatability of 0.05 mm. Vibration suppression algorithm increases multi-joint motion stability time by sixty percent and reduces residual vibration by seventy percent.

With drag-to-teach, the MG400 is created to be user-friendly. Numerous small and medium-sized businesses prefer the MG400 because it decreases the entry barrier to automation.

The MG400 can be programmed using Lua and a graphical interface, making it suitable for developers of all skill levels.

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