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NAO is the first automaton that Aldebaran created. NAO is a tremendous programming instrument that has become a standard in education and research. He is well-known across the globe.

Companies and healthcare facilities also use NAO as an assistant to greet, inform, and entertain visitors.

Depending on the iteration, the Nao robotics platform has 2, 14, 21, or 25 degrees of freedom (DoF). For the Robocup competition, a specialised variant with 21 DoF and no actuated hands was developed.

All versions of Nao Academics include an inertial measurement unit with an accelerometer, gyroscope, and four ultrasonic sensors to provide stability and positioning in space. The versions with legs were equipped with eight force-sensing resistors and two buffers.

The 2014 Nao Evolution featured reinforced metallic joints, enhanced traction, and a sound source localization system with four directional microphones.In June of 2018, the most recent version, designated NAO6, was released.


Software For NAO:

Content Management System


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