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Rex B For Sale

An agile, high-performance quadruped robot

The Rex B robot dog is designed for research and development, and offers many interesting features:

  • Waterproof: can operate under water thanks to its IP68 optional protection rating (only its antenna must remain above the surface)
  • Fast: can reach a speed of 1.8 metres per second
  • Robust: can carry heavy loads of up to 60 kg
  • Multi-terrain: four legs and 12 degrees of freedom, for moving over uneven terrain and climbing stairs
  • Flexible: 210 N.m of motor torque at the knees
  • Autonomous: a battery charge that allows 2 to 4 hours of operation

High-quality equipment

ThisRex B quadruped robot is equipped with 3 Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX supercomputers, 2 terrain sensors, and force sensors in its feet. In addition, it offers 4G wireless network communication and has a geolocation system (GNSS).

The pack includes:

  • 1 Rex B robot
  • 1 battery + 1 charger
  • 1 controller
  • Full SDK and API

The Rex B robot can be used straight out of the box as a research tool in lots of applications. You can also add accessories, for example a LiDAR, a camera, or even the Z1 robot arm to make it even more powerful.