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Robot Industrial Cart (Standard)

Robot Industrial Cart

  • Easy implementation
  • Corresponding to diverse environments
  • Outstanding scalability
  • Sites that require a lot of manual transportation
  • Long-term labor shortages and aging population
  • Sites that have tried to deploy AGV in the past but failed
  • Sites that are not suitable for fully autonomous deployment



  1. One-Button Activation
  2. Convoy Mode
  3. Obstacle Avoidance

The Navigation Engine does complex route calculations, which make it possible to adjust the position where the robot cart travels depending on the passage width. It does that by evaluating the route under a number of passage width conditions and selecting the appropriate route from the results.

Memory Trace (add-on)

  1. Autonomous Navigation
  2. No Programming or WiFi Required
  3. Easy Set-up On Site

The robot cart will be able to run autonomously on the route just by teaching the route once via activating memorise mode and moving the cart through the route either manually or Follow-Me. It is a function that operators will be able to set-up on the spot flexibly without any additional cost.

Line Trace 

  1. Flexible Route Definition
  2. Multiple Route Definition
  3. Indoors and Outdoors

Thouzer detects the retroreflective line with the laser sensor from a distance and automatically moves along the retroreflective line. If there are obstacles in it’s path, it will sound an alarm and stop until the obstacle is cleared.


Easy implementation

  • Operators can change route and site flexibility
  • Easy to operate with minimal training
  • Short set-up time with no initial cost

Compatible with various environments

  • Able to move up curbs and ramps
  • Able to be used in light rain conditions
  • Able to operate seamlessly indoor and outdoor
  • Able to fit into existing environment


  • Customisable Upper Structure
  • Towing Capabilities
  • Data Analytics
  • System Integration and IoT



Robot Dimensions: 

600mm (W)
950mm (L)
990mm (H)

Load Surface 

600mm (W)
750mm (L)

Platform Height




Towing Capacity 


Maximum Speed 

7.5 km / h

Minimum Radius Of Rotation


Maximum Travel Distance 

20 km

Maximum Slope Gradient 

6 Degrees

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