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Inspection Robot

Best among other chassis of the excellent level and striving to pursue higher passage and cross-country capacity

It can go any place where it is needed while loading equipment can weight up to 100KG

Equipped with Christie+Matilda four-wheel balance suspension

The product can adapt itself to heavy load and vibration reduction

10 vibration absorbers installed on the whole body with unique design of reducing vibration allows for terrain impact

The product can be widely used for robot movement solutions in complex environment.

Key Features

  1. Large development platform
  2. Large support area, small sinking degree
  3. Suitable for soft and muddy ground
  4. Excellent cross-country
  5. Turn in place
  6. Greater traction pull.
  7. 40 degree climbing ability
  8. Able to climb slopes, stairs & surmounting obstacles
  9. Stainless steel vehicle , solid & durable
  10. Heavy load duty 100kgs

Support CAN BUS protocol

Customize a variety of advanced operation modes, provide motion control CAN protocol, and support secondary development.

  • Large space platform is reserved for quick building top load(sensing, industrial control, routing, camera, etc)
  • Supports customized design of sensor AI profile bracket.
  • Widely used for the development of special robots such as
  1. Patrol inspection
  2. Exploration
  3. Rescue
  4. Explosive disposal
  5. Special shooting
  6. Special transportation





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