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Temi Platform

by Temi

The leading robotic platform for custom solutions, everywhere.

Includes comprehensive autonomous navigation capabilities and a system with a complete SDK.

Connect and integrate any custom body or device you desire with the temi platform, and have it function autonomously. Ideal for organisations seeking to equip their existing solution with vehicles and eyes for navigation, as well as industrial and operational facilities.

The Temi platform robot is a versatile instrument that can be utilised for a variety of applications. The following are ten applications for the Temi robot platform:

Telepresence: The Temi Platform Robot can be used to facilitate remote communication, enabling someone, for instance, to virtually attend a conference or event from a different location.

 The Temi Platform Robot can be used to provide seniors with companionship, access to entertainment and other services, and the ability to stay in touch with family and friends.

 Healthcare: The Temi Platform Robot can be utilised in hospitals and nursing homes for patient monitoring, remote medical consultations, and standard tasks.

 Education: The Temi Platform Robot can be used in colleges and universities to remotely transmit lectures and other educational materials, allowing students to take classes from anywhere in the world.

 Retail: The Temi Platform Robot can be used in retail contexts to assist and inform customers by directing them to merchandise and providing product information.

The Temi Platform Robot can assist hotel visitors with their needs and provide concierge services in hotels and other hospitality settings.


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