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Temi For Sale

by Temi

Temi is a premium-designed, video-focused, autonomous personal AI assistant robot that can recognise and follow on command, save preset locations, and navigate flawlessly throughout your home or office, all while connecting you to your friends and favourite web services.

Temi is an autonomous automaton designed to be efficient, innovative, and cost-effective. Reaffirming its moniker as a "personal robot," temi is able to take photographs, order services, operate applications, and perform a multitude of other tasks that make daily life more convenient.

Armed with autonomous navigation, temi improves human-robot interaction and can be repurposed in industries spanning from healthcare to security.

Temi is the world's first personal automaton that provides innovative engagement solutions for business and personal use. Using its autonomous navigation and artificial intelligence technology, temibot can serve as your personal assistant or customer service superstar.

While a smartphone can keep you in touch with loved ones, Temi will keep you in the moment! Imagine arriving home from work and charging your cell phone by placing it on the back of temi. You must prepare dinner, but you promised to contact your mother. With temi, you can simply say "Hey temi, call mum" and speak to mum hands-free while cooking dinner! With temi in your life, the options are limitless!

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