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Pepper is a semi-humanoid robot that is programmed to recognise emotions. It was presented at a conference on 5 June 2014. The ability of Pepper to recognise emotion is founded on the detection and analysis of facial expressions and voice tones.

Pepper debuted in the United Kingdom in 2016.

Pepper is presently employed as a receptionist in a number of offices in the United Kingdom and can identify visitors using facial recognition, send alerts to meeting planners, and arrange for beverages to be prepared. Pepper can converse independently with prospective consumers.

  • Dimensions: Height: 1.20 metres (4 ft)
  • Depth: 425 millimetres (17 in)
  • Width: 485 millimetres (19 in)
  • Weight 28 kilograms (62 lb)Battery

Capacity: 30.0Ah/795Wh

Operation time: approx. 12hrs (when used at shop)

Display: 10.1-inch touch display

Head: Mic × 4, RGB camera × 2, 3D sensor × 1, Touch sensor × 3

Chest: Gyro sensor × 1

Hands: Touch sensor × 2

Legs: Sonar sensor × 2, Laser sensor × 6, Bumper sensor × 3, Gyro sensor × 1

Moving parts: Degrees of motion

Head (2°), Shoulder (2° L&R), Elbow (2 rotations L&R), Wrist (1° L&R), Hand with 5 fingers (1° L&R), Hip (2°), Knee (1°), Base (3°)20 Motors

Motion: speedUp to 3 kilometres per hour (2 mph)ClimbingUp to 1.5 centimetres (0.6 in)

Pepper is not a domestically functional automaton. Instead, Pepper is designed "to make people enjoy life" by enhancing their lives, facilitating relationships, allowing them to have fun with others, and connecting them to the outside world. The creators of Pepper anticipate that independent developers will create new content and applications for Pepper.


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